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By Willo
Hello single mums,

About 14 months ago I became a single mum and had some major drama for a few months trying to get a rental because of limited rental history and also no income to be shown as it was all in my last business name, but I sold my business prior to becoming single parent.

I finally did get a rental, thanks to my mum who went as the leaser on paper and I just paid the rent to her. It was expensive though and my mum helped make ends meet.

I know many single mums don't often have a mum like this to help out. This is why I created, out of my own finances, time and passion a platform I just released 2 moths ago called ShareAbode. Its a free, not for profit, Australian wide platform works on the principle that two single parents raising children together, sharing resources, rent and living expenses together can achieve more than one going it alone. If rent and expenses are half the cost, then savings will be doubled and financial obligations for a single parent would be less stressful. Single parents living together can afford a better house or apartment within a safer neighbourhood because it is shared and therefore a bit more than the single parent budget can be afforded. The resource of having another single parent living under the same roof benefits also the burden being lightened of chores such as cooking, cleaning, garden maintenance, sometimes laundry and even some child care aspects such as homework or carpooling.

This service gives single parents a profound amount of stress relief which alleviates fatigue and depression, allowing healthier interaction with themselves (self-confidence), with their children and with life in general. By offering single parents this platform to connect with one another for house sharing I hope to make a significant difference in the social and economic lives of single parent families here in Australia

It is and it takes single parents signing up and creating a listing as either a home seeker or home sharer for it to work its magic. I hope to see some of you on there and rally behind and if you have any questions please contact me.