Thanks MummyMod, I was so intrigued by your stance rejecting the rampant, bubble-headed consumerism displayed in the K-Mart ad, that I actually emailed them to let them know what some people (us!) are saying about the ad. I haven't got a reply yet .... Upon being forced to watch it on telly again last night, I get the feeling that we Mums can relate to the people in the ad, but not what they are DOING in the ad, as if we went into a K-mart store and started bouncing on the trampolines and having bike races up the aisle, the security guards would have us in a headlock quick smart. Irresistibly low prices on bail, haha!
Hmmm I havent noticed this ad on Victorian telly... maybe because my work weeks are 60 hours of crap that the only telly I squeeze in daily is the Bold and Beautiful (shut up, everyone has their weakness ok?).

One thing is for sure, Christmas is coming and that means more of these quality ads at a few decibles louder then the show you're watching - just to add to the irritation factor.
nothappyjan - good on you, that's hilarious! I bet they don't turn a hair though. Their market researches would have told them their market and what they like - middle-aged women acting like ten year olds - yay! LOL

lilmama - I used to LOVE Bold and the Beautiful! Although nothing ever really changed in the story line. Is Taylor or Brooke with Ridge? Are Stephanie and Eric still alive? Carbon tax Smarbon tax, this is the important news - spill :lol:
Well MM, funny you should ask because one week he's with Taylor, and then this week; he's with Brooke. To be fair, he's mostly been with Brooke. Poor Taylor got jilted at the altar.. AGAIN!

I feel sorry for her. I wasnt convinced that Whip was the right man for her.. he was such a goody two-shoes and I have to agree with Stephanie, Ridge is a lot happier when he's with Taylor and not that trampy Brooke and dont get me started on that meddling daughter of her's Hope. I wanna slap her, I hope someone does slap her and would someone pahleeeese get rid of Amber. Talk about a boring storyline there!

I could go on for days..

BTW I saw the ad - ha it was on B&B I think! Turns out Victorian arent too highbrow for lame KMart ads. I dunno, just seems stupid to me. It looks like they just got a bunch of their female workers in to parade around like customers in order to do the ad. It just looks nasty.