I'm sorry, but it's driving me crazy - the new Kmart ad of a thousand women guessing prices makes me cringe everytime it comes on. I don't know if the main women are actresses or actual everyday women, but they just look so stupid! Oooooh, I thought a pair of Kmart jeans weren't cheap! Oh pullease! Racing bicycles, jumping on trampolines - argh - It's all so irritating and juvenile, I'm embarrassed for my gender - is it just me that feels this way? Maybe it's PMT or something...
Glad you brought this up, MM...
The one that really irates me is the microwave for $45. there is no way on earth that a you can mine, transport, manufacture, store, transport again, warehouse then retail a microwave oven for merely $45!!! That is, not unless you are exploiting something and someone along the way!!! Grrrrr
I would rather pay more for well made goods ( exp if made in Oz), than pay my megre income on some rubbish that will not last and only reatains the patriarchal nature of capitalism...I want quality products made with sustainable practices, and ones that were made to last, that can be repaired and fixed, not just thrown away...Grrr 'enough said too early in the morning...
I know, I totally agree! You get what you pay for, basically.
I was at the Kmart checkout recently, and saw a $15 car ramp toy. Ooh, I thought, so cheap, I can afford to buy one for the kids just for fun! So I grabbed one.
I've spent the last couple of weeks constantly putting it back together. The kids gave up playing with it, because everytime they ran a matchbox car down it, it disintegrated. It looked like a good one, nice and colourful, etc, but it was just rubbish.
It went into the recycle bin in just a couple of weeks - and I like to keep toys for a loooong time. I felt completely ripped off. Even their seemingly cheap Fisher Price toys are a smaller, worse quality version. For example, they come with less features (the school bus doesn't have as many little people on board), or the Laugh and Learn Puppy is smaller, and rougher, without the light on it's foot (I bought the expensive one first, then got another later as a gift and compared them. First one cost $40, second $15)
Same with their clothes. $5 t-shirt? Great! But it only holds it's shape and looks good for 1 wash. Instead of paying $5 for 5 t-shirts over summer because they keep losing their colour and shape, it's better to pay the $15 or $20 from a better store and get a better quality item.
As my dear old Nana would have said, it's "false economy"
You've got a point there, I don't spend all my time thinking about bargain shopping, I prefer to mull over the logistical nightmare that is the iraq war, what benefits a carbon tax would bring Australians, is Barack Obama a better leader than Julia G., is nuclear energy really safe, why don't panda's mate naturally anymore, did the Americans really land on the moon in '69, and is a multi-celled organism really a sentient being? Hmmmm. Oh yeah, K-Mart, bikes, whatever.
MMMMm, thanks for that valuable contribution nothappyjan - i think i now know why you chose the username you did - PMSL!