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By Mama22
I don't want to add to the anxiety we all face because of our experiences, I just want to share this article so that you know that you're not alone and this has become a very typical lived experience for many women and children going through the Courts:

https://www.themonthly.com.au/issue/201 ... r-children

I just don't understand, the Crimes Act is meant to take precedence, but in seems like it's ok when men commit crimes like abuse and perjury because it's framed as though they are rational men pushed too far and their abuse is justified. Not for women. We are told to keep a poker face on (whatever that means) throughout all of the lies and abuse, but if we kept it too emotionless, we'd probably end up being treated the way Lindy Chambelen was and seen as cold. You can't ever win as a women in Court.

You carry your child, risk your health, your life, to bring your child into the world safely and in health, give your life protecting them, then for some person that doesn't know you or your children at all tell you when you can and can't see your child.

I have chosen to live by some things in the bible, such as; if you can lie about the little things, you can lie about the big things. When I swear in my affidavit, you best believe every word is true, and when an officer of the Court continues to openly lie, it puts everyone in danger. He shows no respect for me, the Courts, or his profession, and more should have been done to protect us from his dishonesty and all of the abuses of his position in power, but it wasn't.

It's a dangerous and terrifying world our "legal" system. They're meant to protect us, but the abusers and perpetrators are the ones being protected, especially the ones with influence inside the system. I just need one good guy with power that isn't afraid to stop what he's doing to us. That values our lives and won't let him and his dad hurt us anymore.
By Mum22
Mama22, If you happen to find out the detail to contact the child support group, please post - my sons could benefit greatly by this. Thank you for posting - a hard read but necessary. This is our SOCIETY - this is what we have become.
By Kjt3274
Mamma22 from reading your post sounds like your ex might be in the same profession as mine.
I too am constantly amazed at the disregard my children's father shows for the court orders in place.
He is an officer of the court and continues to use his position and intimate knowledge of how the system works to mentally abuse me and use the legal process against me. I have been through a DV claim, reported to DOCS and he . constantly lies in court documents and to childrens ICL. Whenever i dont do as he wants he throws out an outlandish claim of abuse or neglect. Then we go through the hoops again. Nothing is ever done and its as if its all too hard so they throw it in the basket.
His latest low act is to move residence with my children and give me a false address - have been waiting for a week now to find out where they are living - he will not respond to any request from my lawyer or myself. I am facing my third visit to family report writer in 6mths.
I wish there was a support group for abused ex partners of law enforcement workers - they have a unique type of abuse.
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By Mama22
Mum22: you're so right- this is the society we've allowed, but I've come to the realisation that there's a certain moral insanity in the Courts from lawyers and politicians (mostly also lawyers) that are so far from community standards and expectations, and they're hurting children year after year.
Good point about the group, a few mums have wondered why they didn't publish it, but I'll try to find out next week because quite a few mothers have mentioned it would help. I'm glad the article helped- knowledge is power, as hard as it can be to face. We're not alone and we're not crazy. What they're doing is moral insanity.

Kjt: yay! I love meeting others that understand because they were up against a legal demon too. It is a different abuse, but most people understand because of the way lawyers and judges treated them through their own experience. Completely heartless and exploitative bunch, but especially if you're up against crooked lawyers that lie through their teeth and ignore Court Orders like ours. Did your ex represent himself too? The biggest lie I heard was when he started to abuse court process, committed fraud and demonstrable and egregious perjury, entered conflicts of interests and breached ever order far past the point of contempt - my lawyer said he will get in a lot of trouble for it because he is a lawyer and even better is expected of lawyers hahahaha he got away with EVERYTHING lol he got away with it because he is a lawyer and smugly knew he would. The ONLY person that got in trouble was me for telling the truth in my affidavit that he was my lawyer. He also claimed it was harassment when I sent him photos of his daughter and it was accepted that it was. Meanwhile he hasn't stopped abusing me and threatening me and it's all been allowed. I have been punished over and over for being a victim of his crime and made to shut up about it too. Even a police officer said he has every right to be angry because he wanted an abortion- it's been a nightmare what I've been put through. That's his latest, getting his mates in the force where he and his dad are well known to get involved and do his dirty work. I've never been in trouble with the law once since I dared birth his daughter and not do as he commanded, now he will stop at nothing to hurt and punish my children and I. He has put in writing so many times that he will make me suffer consequences for not doing as he said many times, but courts, cops and lawyers don't care, so I've given up on them and just trying to keep my children and myself safe without there help. I've learned my lesson, they'll punish me for telling on him, he's above the law and he knew it.

I am in a legal abuse support group for others that have dealt with legal misconduct and corruption, and there are many of us around. It's also for those that experienced the LSC (lawyers investigating crimes of lawyers) and our common experience of the whitewash and inadequacy of the sham investigation. Many have had to issue our own proceedings when the LSC refuse to prosecute members of their profession in accordance with legal expectations. PM me if you want the details :)

Lawyers are well and truly a law unto themselves. The more crooked the lawyer, the greater the impunity it seems. ive never seen criminality like I have from those that work in the criminal system. :(