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By Sarahcade226
My ex and I don't have a court order but agreed to every second weekend and he would come see him during the week twice.
My DS is 5 and has refused to go to his father's house, he won't even stay with him for a few hours or even in the same room without me there. The first time it happened he called me 10mins after drop off saying he was screaming, I suggested distracting him, taking him to the park etc and see if he calms in a few hours but no he wanted him picked up straight away.
Ds goes between not wanting him when he's over to playing with him for a little while.
I take him to his house every second Saturday and stay as long as I can, in hope he will want to stay. My problem now is he is demanding to sleep at my house too see him every second weekend, when I explained that will not help him want to stay at his house and is not good mentally for my other 3 children( who he dropped as soon as soon as we broke up), he lost it and is now demanding I bring him to his Sat and Sun and stay for the full day. Am I being unfair not doing this? That would mean every second weekend I can't make plans or take my other children out. I let him come over basically when ever he wants to, even know all he does is criticize me and I hate to see him so much, but I do it for my son. Would a court make me go to his house for 2 full days?