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Hi there. I'm in exactly same situation. Go to the Australia post web site download application form. Then call them tell your situation that the father won't sign, they will ask you to fill out 2 more forms, look them up online, B11 & B7, then go to the post office & get pictures taken & then ask them what the rest of the steps would be. I had to get my boys Australian citizenship certificate made & birth certificate. Australia post wants to see the originals but make sure you have copies they can send in with the application. It is a very tiring process & lots of paperwork. My X was court ordered back in 2013 & I was with my wits end but in the end I got the passports. 3 years later. I should have taken my X back to court straight away instead of have waited that long. I didn't knew I could get passports without his content. But I did. What a victory. Good luck. There is light in the end of the tunnel after all.
Hello firstly the most important thing you can do if your going to Family court is to get Legal representation whether it's from a private lawyer or legal aid. More and more fathers these days are getting access to their children REGARDLESS of how they have treated the child or yourself in the past. Family Courts aim for both parents to have access to the child as they see that this is what's best for the child that they have a relationship with both parents. If you do start Court proceedings I can absolutely guarantee you that the father of the child WILL be given some access to that child simply because it's the child's father, that's all the Courts see. Courts are also not interested in hearing about family violence they just push that information to the side they don't want to hear it. If you are able to afford a private Lawyer rather than a legal aid lawyer than I would go that way as the private lawyers are MUCH better trust me on that.