Chat with fellow gay and lesbian single mums in here!
By Ababy
Hi there.

I'm a 33 year old solo mum by choice, pregnant with my first baby (nearly 30 weeks). My baby is from a donated embryo as I tried IVF with own eggs and this failed several times.
I'm also what you might call, inclined towards women. Don't know if I'm completely gay as such, but I'm definitely far less interested in men, and in the past I've always fallen in love with women. I'd love to meet other single mothers that are on the same wavelength as me, gay or not.
Hi there.

I know ur post is old. But I'm in similar boat.
What state r u resided in, & I'm happy 2 chat.
I'm not categorized as gay but u do prefer women over men...
Just so much easier to deal with & less drama.

Hit me a line if u wana chat.

Cheers camilla
By McWeadley
I'm also the same, I have an almost 3 year old to my ex but currently on the wait list for a donor to start IUI. I'm more inclined to women than men but don't call myself Gay. I'm in Perth WA