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By MummaVee
My partner and I split on Christmas day after i found texts to his ex planning to cheat on me. On New Years Day, i realised i was pregnant. Was also my 30th birthday the week after New Years (what a fabulous few weeks its been).

I've decided to keep the baby. My ex has two kids to two different mothers (the eldest one's mother is who he was texting). He wants me to get rid of it, told me he can't afford another child and doesnt want it (he doesnt pay child support for the two kids he has now and the only reason he can't afford it because he wastes all his money on booze, cigarettes and the pokies). I gave him the option to walk away. He took it. I won't force a child on him that he doesn't want.

I'm more than capable of doing this on my own and have the full support of my friends and family.

I have a few questions, if there is anyone out there still reading these:

1. Am i still able to leave fathers name blank on BC (VIC)?

2. Apart from child support (which i dont want) and Centrelink benefits, are there any other implications i need to be aware of if i dont name him on BC?

3. His parents and I are very close. I know my ex won't tell them about the pregnancy. When should i tell them? I want to give them the opportunity to know their grandchild.

4. What do i tell the child in years to come? When my baby starts asking questions about their father, how do i tell the child that their father didnt want them, but has two other kids he loves and sees?

I want this baby more than anything. But i dont know if i can look into that child's eyes in years to come and break their little heart. How have other mothers in a similar situation navigated those conversations?

I'm really struggling, wondering if I've made the right choice, bringing a child into the world knowing this kid is going to have a lifetime of heartache because their father didnt want them....