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Hi everyone, im just trying to decide about what to do regarding my childs birth cert. His father is an unstable, violent drug addict who i think is in jail at the m9ment. I definately dont want him on the birth cert so im wondering if its easiest to say that the father is unknown. Does anyone know if you say this to centrelink, what happens. Ive been told they ask lots of personal questions to see if ur lying? What questions do they ask?

I dont want to lose any money but i definately cant allow this guy on the birth cert, for my babys sake.

If i do tell them hes unfit, and i just dont want him on the cert what will happen then?

Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks so much
You will not get maximum rate of family tax if you dont lodge for child support within 90 days and to do this you need a birth certificate with fathers name. You cant submit it without the fathers signature these days. I asked what would happen if i didn't know who the dad was and was told i would be asked for DNA testing by the court. This is the governments way of trying to make things fairer for BOTH parents i guess. Its the governments decision of hes a fit parent. The only way child support dont get involved is if theres a Dvo then u get the maximum family tax but still need a dad on the birth certificate. Its a no win situation in this regard its not like years ago when mothers could choose if the dad goes on it.
Hi there

You can opt to not put the father down and state that you are afraid for your safety as well as the baby's. They will investigate, but if they deem your claim to be true you will not be penalised for not including him and should still receive the full payment. I think he may still need to be added, but he'll have to sign the birth certificate anyway. So if he can't or won't, then that helps support your claim and you just need to let them know.
No one should judge you or your situation, especially when they have no clue about what's going on. Good luck to you and your beautiful baby xx
Wow. You are the one thats so quick to judge here. You have no idea of my situation. Its clear uv been hurt, but trust me im doing this for the protection of my child and myself. And yeah i dont have a current dv on him but have had one in th e past and there are hospital visits where his abuse has been documented, so i might just be real with them... i was just wondering th is because so many ppl told me itd be easier to put father unknown. Thanks