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By Kathe1977

From what I know 50/50 works only if both parents have same parenting styles and you both get along. Confusion happens to children when parents clash in the day to day upbringing of their children.
Btw don't let him bully you or put any pressure on you to sign on something that you don't feel is the right care arrangement for your toddler. Is your ex controlling?
By Sarnate
Hi, I went to a private mediation sessions with Relationships Australia this week and was told that a child from 0-3 yrs old needs to be with a primary caregiver most of the time. It is highly unlikely that your ex with get 50/50 so I wouldn't worry about it.

I'm in the same boat and have pretty much same arrangements you do as my 2yr old stays at his dad's every other weekend and sees him in the afternoon once per week. After the overnight weekend visit my son takes days to resettle and clings to me like glue for days (more than usual). I will be seeing a mediator again this coming week and ask if the 2 nights away every other weekend is still too much as it's not normal for my son to act that way afterwards.
I have a parenting plan for my 14 month old daughter for the rest of the year. There was no way in hell her abusive father was going to get overnight visits with her.

Our current visitation schedule (that was thought of and what I wanted is)
Every Monday from 8:15am until 5:30pm (saves me money from spending it at daycare considering he wont pay 50/50 of bills etc.) He wanted more time on the weekends and I said no as I work full time (he only works part time
Saturday once a month 10am (swimmming lesson) I am present but he is in the pool with her) he then has her until 5:30pm
Saturday (once a month two weeks after other saturday visit) 11am until 3:30pm

He sees her weekly on Mondays and then only has two visits fortnightly on a saturday. The reason why he has a short visit on a Saturday is because I like to spend as much time as possible with her on the weekends because I work during the week.

These visits are organised for the rest of the year YAY no overnights.

I also wont be agreeing to overnight visits until she is 3 and wants to go. ( He doesn't know this yet)

My daughter is already not coping with the amount of visits she currently has let alone time away from me at night. Not going to happen.