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If you can make suggestions where I might find parents in need of a house share situation I would be very grateful. Daughter and I are in a 3-bed house and would like to find another single parent family to come stay with us.
I have used Gumtree and Melbourne Single Parents on Facebook.
I am looking into Single Parent groups in the Western Suburbs, but they are not so easy to find.
Someone suggested I try contacting the Salvation Army, but I could use other suggestions as I am having no luck so far.
I am posted here as well in accommodation sharing forums…

Other suggestions? Specific groups in the West you know about?
A big thank you to anyone who shares suggestions here…
Council of Single Mothers and their Children is a non-profit organisation that supports single mother families in Victoria and across Australia (and that I work for). They have a closed group on Facebook the Single Mothers Share House Register. You just need to ask to join, then you can talk to other single mother families looking for housemates or share houses across Australia.

Here's the link

Good luck!