Two lines or two hundred - let loose your anger, joy and creativity in here!
I wrote this poem tonight because of something master 3 said after his brother beat him up. Master 4 has become so aggressive after this breakup and i am at my wits end. I feel for master 3 and master 4 as well. I hover of master 3 to make sure he is ok, tonigt, he sat on my lap alone and told me how he felt, the first time he has ever opened up like that. This is the poem i created out of the conversation.

Dad is a liar
he was not strong like me but weak
he would hit us when we were asleep
He took money from you who is our mother
and he beat up my big brother
I hate dad so much
he is the worst
he said it was you mummy
You are the reason he left
He said it so quietly
I may be small but I am not deaf!
Now my brother is doing to me what dad did to him
But with you mummy protecting me, I know I can win
I just wanted to tell this to my dad
that you are so stupid and sad
and that I hate you too, but
last but not least, you are a meanie dad
Hi, this is very amazing that ur three yr old has so much insight and understanding although three is too young for him to know these things, have you spoken to child psychologists? seen councellors? Master 4 needs some anger management, the pathways in his brain take him straight to anger and this will continue unless u change them, he needs to learn to think differently and feel different in certain circumstances and situations. I feel so sorry for you that you have had to experience such heartbreak watching ur children suffer! but i am more worried how it will have affected them, just the face master 3 has that much insight, well imagine poor little master 4's ideas! I am so glad you have had strength to remove dad from the situation and this will help other women in similar situations so thankyou for sharing. i am now in tears
My little man is insightful. I try to keep him sheltered as mch as possiable...but sometimes its hard.
I took your advise and master 4 is now in a bigger brother program for children with aggression. i have also cut all sugar from his diet.
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