Are you a single mum by choice, beginning donor insemination or ivf on your own? You can share your journey with us, or cheer on the mums that do, here!
By CandyJane
I'd appreciate all your comments about this --- five years ago I slowly started becoming a non-custodial mum, as my ex gradually took custody away from me, and the past year I have had 11%. There are five children in our family, four are mine, and I am now divorced and my ex has re-partnered.
I have always wanted to be a MUM... I used to write about it in primary school! I am not yet 40 years old.
My kids love me and I adore them but I have so much more to give! So... I've made the decision to become... A SINGLE MUM BY CHOICE. Yes I'm starting again. Thoughts? Constructive criticism? I'd really appreciate confidentiality and advice.
By Jessie Smith
You are a mum. You have bought 4 children into this world. Why is it that you only have 11% custody of your own children? Do you pay child support to the father? Can you solely support yourself and new baby financially well as the other children? This is a big decision to make and I personally wouldnt be going single mum by choice just because ive always wanted to be a mum. You need to look at the whole picture how this impacts your other children as well. Are you thinking you wanted to do this because you are grieving not having your children with you. Is there something you can do about the custody arrangements?