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By Mama22
Just curious how many of you have heard from your lawyers "let me play the devil's advocate"?

The devil has enough advocates and it is the greatest of insults to be charged to have your barristers waste your time on nonsensical arguments that have no moral or legal basis, but will fit the dominant phallocentric model of the court designed to appease men's desires.

The day that men carry their children for nine months, go through all of the emotional and physical changes and risks, and actually experience that bond is the day that they can claim equal parental rights. Let's make this clear, lawyers are high income, but good parents are not working full time because they know their children need them more during those early years than they need money. That's good parenting, that's putting the child's best interests first - much to the disappointment of political rhetoric and ideological frameworks that would rather support the abandonment of children for those high-income earners rather than valuing the love and care a baby needs. These are soulless people incapable of love.

Where greed and secrecy thrive, so to will corruption - that you can count on. It's about time that the leaders in society start showing that they're not cowards and they don't think of Australians as idiots like we're being treated. They need to start standing up for women and children and the rights that every Australian child is entitled to.

It's not enough to play the devil's advocate anymore, the devil has more than enough advocates. We need to be sure that our children aren't secondary victims of our separations, and revictimised by the Courts due to money, rhetoric and/or ideological preferences. Our children deserve equal opportunities and all of their rights under our International obligations that we are signatory to.

The only rights we currently have are very minimal child support, if and when we can get it - but our children deserve so, SO much more.

Crimes against women aren't ok. I was beaten black and blue and told in hospital that it wasn't a crime because we were in a domestic relationship in 2004. Well... things have changed a bit, but crimes against women and children are still treated as ok... especially by powerful and influential people. Fraud for example happens all of the time against women, but when is it ever taken seriously when women and children are victims? If it were a civil or workplace matter, it would get investigated and prosecuted.

I got told today that I should get a PO BOX to hide from my stalking ex. Why? Why when I can prove he is stalking me and my private residential address is being leaked to him do we need to get a po box? Why is there nothing else this crooked system can do for me and my children to protect us?

My daughter needs an operation and I'm desperate for medical information that I've begged for, and setting up mediation to swap child support for the information to make sure my baby isn't at any increased risk of going through general due to any information he has omitted. This is going to be used by mediators to help me get this information for my daughters health - by surrendering child support - but how can this be the only way???

I get it - everyone has to act "fair", but it's not fair when one is an abuser and has openly done all they could to neglect and abuseba women and their child. When a women has 100% care and the father won't even give medical history, and will abuse his power to harm them as much as possible. Just once I would love someone to not act like the devil's advocate - and as an objective and humane person to just tell him "no"... "No, you're wrong and it's not ok"... maybe if someone had said that once in his life to him he wouldn't have been able to hurt so many people.
By Mum22
Oh goodness, I hear you.
No! Your behaviour is NOT OKAY - stop it now.
I tried that recently = his behaviour escalated - now he is playing Chinese Whispers...and trying to screw me over.
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By Mama22
Mum22 I truly adore you. I think heaps of people confuse us on hear because our names are so similar, but I'm so happy that you're hear trying to pass on the same knowledge I have when I'm not around. I know you get it girl.

It's bullshit. The whole thing is a load of crap what women are going through. Once again I was issued a 60(I) because although he'll fight tooth and nail to get out of any responsibility of his daughter, commit perjury and fraud with no consequences in kangaroo courts like the SSAT/AAT, he will refuse to engage in mediation to provide medical information on his family side that's needed for my daughters health.

Hear we go again... I will need to go to Court and I want an order saying I have sole care in writing. You would think this would be simple given the complete hostility he has shown and he has made clear he wants nothing at all to do with his daughter - but the amount of money I've been told these lawyers want to write to him and get his consent is atrocious.

Pauline Hanson is the last person I would ever usually vote for, but the corruption I have seen in the legal fraternity has made me seriously consider her policies on absolutely abolishing the family court.

The community have been good to us, my domestic violence counsellors and everyone else in the community are disgusted by how much this lawyer has gotten away with as a lawyer, so why wouldn't I rather give power over our lives to the community than greedy and callous lawyers that always put their fraternity before our laws and the publics interests?

I so hope in your case that you can defeat the lies and slander against you, and I hope it doesn't have to cost you a cent to end it. We had to sue in the county court to get any justice... and finally we did against these crooked, scum lawyers - $80k settlement and a full apology and boy was that sweet. Never would it have happened in the Family Court, only in jurisdiction where crimes like fraud and perjury and defamation (even by well connected lawyers) actually matter.

Merry Christmas! Xx