Look or post in here to meet up with fellow single mums or start up a support group in Canberra!
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By mumto3
I am also a mum of three small children who is looking for a play group / date in Canberra. I realise these posts are a few months old now. Are you guys still around?
By singlemumofthree
Hi there

I am moving to Canberra in January 2012. I know the messages are now quite old, but I would like to join a playgroup / meet some other single mums. Please let me know if your playgroup is up and running, and if myself and my three children can join you guys one day!
By Inara
I'm in Canberra too. I think my kids are older than everyone else's though. 10, 8 and 6... though I'd love to be kept in the loop and maybe come to meet ups.