Has your Man gone and left you living in a maintanance nightmare? Do you think mowing is a "blue" job? Not to worry, you CAN do it yourself! How to mow, fix a toilet....single mummies, post your bold venture into handyman world here and inspire the rest of us!
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By islandgirl
I noticed the section on the board about DIY stuff and I was curious. Most single mums have to do and learn to do a lot of home handywoman stuff, as well as learn how to manage money, how not to get ripped off getting your car fixed etc etc.

I've managed to be fairly self sufficient over the years. I know how to change tap washers, check the oil on my car and the other day I learnt for the first time how to change the mower blades myself. I know how to balance my finances pretty well and can do a home budget. Though there are times like the other day when I needed to fix a window and just couldn't do it. Ended up cutting my hand and hammering my thumb!

As single mums what are the biggest pains in the neck maintenance jobs. What would you like to learn how to do. What other stuff like writing resumes, doing a home budget and stuff would you like to know how to do?

From the stuff I have read on the forums most of you are doing it tough and struggling through stuff - and yet you're all amazing in dealing with all the crap from our ex's, trying children and managing on your own. Do you have helper's that give you a hand with maintenance stuff or do you figure it out yourself.
Have mostly done stuff by myself over time and have found that the internet has been my best friend. I have found that in living rurally there is not much help for women on a practical level but alot for men. Dont want to cause a storm in a teacup but if you are male then there are some major learn to DIY groups floating around, if you are female then there are things like crochet or knitting or art groups. Found too that if I drag around a male any male then costs of mechanics etc tend to be more realistic in some places because its assumed men they know stuff.

It was funny too b/c my mother only a couple of years back was laughed at by her counselor for wanting to do a carpentry course despite being an owner builder because that was stuff for men and not women.

I am not against art or knitting but for someone like me who has had to learn how to repair damage by cats or change washers and fix hinges or now learn how to drywall and deal with restumpers.. it would be nice to see some DIY stuff for women.

Also whilst we are on the topic of DIY why is it that setting up your own webpage info is so complicated? My head hurts .. end rant
I just acome across this thread - I have today put together a 2 shelf cupboard with doors - I have put the hinges in, but I am going to leave to doors to tomorrow as I am tired now, and they will be fiddly - I just know it!

My son attempted to help - but he bashed the bit when it was in the wrong place and nearly broke it! What is it about some males that they can be like a bull in a china shop?
lol omg building cupboards? Thats pretty awesome! Am supposing that that will have to be on my DIY list soon... I can refurnish/ finish, fix and decoupage and age or modernise furniture and things but I have never built any .. yet.. If I were you I would be making and selling if I had the time. Lol at boys.. but you lucky he wants to learn I guess.. my girls unfortunately would rather do hair and makeup :/ which I am also pretty hopeless and lack patience at doing ....
By Mum22
I should clarify - it was only a flat-pack style cupboard, with doors though! The 2nd one I made SO much faster than the first! I saved putting the doors on til this morning, I KNEW I was too tired last night to do it properly!