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By Marie Riley
I am a single mum to three boys. my middle child has autism. since he was diagnosed friends and family has slowly but surely disappeared. im now at the point where i cant stand being in this house any longer. i dont have anyone to chat to or discuss anything with. im not an outgoing person so find it hard to just go up to pple and ask them out to coffee. Im in the ipswich/brisbane area and would love to make new friends. friends that dont mind im single or have an autistic child, friends that dont mind i have kids so cant go clubbing and friends that understand i study. yes these all have been issues in the past.
By Faye Louise Kimber
Hi. I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling the best at the moment. I only have ONE child, and still feel overwhelmed:) Sounds like you are a good mum and, geez, tgree kids! I'd say you're a stronger lady than you give yourself credit for x Pls message if you'd like to chat. I could sure do with someone to vent to! P.S I'll also in there it will get better x
By Maurer Ashleigh
Hi!!! I’m a single mum of one child! My child has a very rare skin disease called mastosytosis which come about with his first vaccinations! Every since having a child all of my so called friends have disappeared!!! 3 years ago I moved to the Sunshine Coast with just myself and x partner . It’s always just been myself and him as his a very jealous guy . I know no one in the area I’m in either I don’t even have neighbours!! I know how you feel!! If you need a chat I’m here xx