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By Geoff Taylor
Hello everyone,

I'm here looking to find help for my daughter who is a single mother.
She is 20 years old with 2 little ones. No support from the father of the oldest and limited to no support from the other.

My problem or her problem is this.

She lived with her mother for the first 2 years of being a mother herself. She has no concept of how to look after herself properly let alone with 2 kids.

She lived in her own unit for 6 months and was asked to leave recently and I took her in so she had somewhere to go. When I went to collect her and her belonging from the unit, I was horrified at the mess she and the girls were living in.

Rubbish all over the floor. Clothes all over the floor. Trash filled the laundry. You could not see a clear space on the floor at all. The kitchen was overflowing with every dirty dish she owned and looked as though most had been there for weeks.

To make it worse, she does not even appear embarrassed when people come into the unit. It just seems normal to her.

She has been living here now for about 6 weeks and its getting very hard to deal with this behaviour. I need to be constantly on her back to cleanup as she goes. She has no concept of this idea. I have to clean the house from top to bottom every week when she and the kids are out and within a few hours its back to crap again.

My goal was to try and teach her how to take care of herself and her kids better so she can go back to living independently. I feel I am not cut out to do this on my own as I have work and other commitments that keep me out of the house for sometimes days on end.

If child services had seen the state of her unit, they would have removed the children from her care. I need to know if there are any services I can access for her that could help her. I know she wants to do better but she just does not know how and struggles even when shown how.

She really was not ready to be a mother let alone twice, and I am just at a loss as to what I can do for her. Does anyone have any advice at all?

Thank you

Concerned Dad.
By Lisa Parry
Sounds like she could be suffering from depression, or late pick up of the baby blues. I had a friend act like this and her baby blues was not picked up for 2 years. I suggest you take to ger about seeing a GP and ask for a mental health plan to see a counselor.
I hope all works out for you and your family