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By DianaElla
Hi girls,

After another fight, if you may call it, I think I'm getting closer and closer to separating from my husband of 12yrs. Kindly told me he hated me sooo much tonight. Gee thanks :o

Anyways, I'm trying to be as prepared as I can be for when he drops the bomb. Whether it's tomorrow morning or next year. It will be fairly calm....ish, regarding dividing things up but how exactly do you do it?

How does dividing up of household items work? Furniture, electrical etc

What did you and your ex do? Did you agree much?
By Amy Shields
Hi Diana, my ex and I separated last July after a 16 yr marriage and 3 kids.
He wouldn't leave the family home so the kids and I had to.
We moved into a rental.
I took one of our cars and then only minimum of household contents.
I took half the towels, have the sheets etc.
Everything else, for our new home, I bought myself.

Our separation is not going well. We will be going to court this year to get property settlement dealt with.