General discussions in here!
Hi mums,
Its been a couple of years since we moved states from the former marital home but my heart still lies in the ACT.
With the way the rental market in the Sydney regions and surrounds its becoming ridiculous and more of a struggle. Over the last couple of years our rent has slowly increased but we are still very lucky to be living where we do and still pay this rent.
I would like to move to Sydney but rent is a joke and have looked at the Affordability Scheme or putting my name down for DOH but just havent found the time to get around to it yet.
I have looked at rent back in the ACT which is more affordable and would be better for our health only one problem running into the ex-husband or his partner or family or their friends.
We have orders in place and have no contact.
So is it possible to live the ACT and not run into your ex etc etc..?
I live a mere 12 minutes drive from my sons father & I almost never see him around the place...on the rare occasions that my son has spotted him out in public he has suggested that we dive for cover or walk around another way to avoid his dad...speaks volumes eh!....conversely, I rarely see my son out with his dad when they spent time together...a small town, but big enough to not bump int each other - ACT is big enough to be home to both households, it just depends if you hang out at the same places!