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By PinkRose
My ex Monster in law has a been nothing but interfering and manipulative.

AFter a court battle which lasted around 7 years, I thought I was able to move on with my life.

Yesterday I became aware that the monster has now moved from Victoria to SA.

I feel nothing but fear in that this is a sinister act on her behalf. She is one of the nastiest people I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.

Some examples:
1) Aware of her sons violence but staged a hate campaign against me stating I was a lair
2) approached my father on his death bed advising him of what a bad person I was
3) Stated my disabled brother was unstable when he was not and tried to have him excluded from my child's life

Just need some support to get through this.
Been through enough already.
By Melanie McFadden
I feel your pain I really do. My ex monster in law is a demon.

She always sided with her son despite knowing he was abusive, a cheat, sexual deviant, a thief and completely irresponsible.

When my daughter was a newborn she took back every bit of furniture from my home, all the kitchenware etc that she bought as a punishment for breaking up with her son. She threatened welfare on me because I left my immobile daughter on our rug inside while I had a smoke outside. I always kept the house immaculate but if there were some dishes she would make a point of doing them when she came over in a bid to shame me.

She told me I was in need of psychiatry and drugs despite knowing the crap I had to put up with off her son.

She threatens legal action on me all the time despite all my best efforts to involve her in my daughters life.

Recently she made suggestions that o might be hurting my children because they don't call her 'grandma' and of course everything they do that she doesn't like is my fault.

I've had enough now. I've blocked her from contacting me, She speaks to my daughter once a week (my daughter has the option to contact her more but she has a life) and now she's trying to get me to send them on a plane alone interstate. I said no way.

It just sucks that women choose to do this to other women.
By PinkRose
Thanks Melanie, it is comforting to know that I am not the only one. I truly am frightened for what evil deeds she will put my daughter and I through now that she has moved to SA.

I truly do not understand how people can be so cruel.
After our relationship broke down (assisted by the monster) he got involved with another woman. He ended up clobbering her after she was of no use to him.

He is now in yet another relationship. The monster in law has already stated that she does not approve of her.

I am frightened that he will end up physically abusing my daughter like he did to my son, myself and many other women. He manages to get away with it all. Its like the courts just dont take Child abuse and DV seriously.

Her daughters husband described her as a "Bitter, twisted woman who tried to break up his relationship with his wife" They eventually moved overseas and then interstate to get away from her.

Her other daughter and her husband have since moved interstate as she has caused issues with them too. Her ex husband cant stand her and she blames his wife for everything possible.

My ex just cant see it and neither can her 2nd husband.

We truly have to be strong to endure all of this and none of it is deserved. My only hope is that I know she is broke and sponging off her husband (they have a pre nuptial agreement in place as he is wealthy) and likewise is my ex.

It is the strength that we find in each other that will help us through. You are doing the right thing by blocking the negative beast. Get it out of your life and walk into a positive one.