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By Loureyn
just received a call from ex demanding to stop child support , he said if i dont stop childsupport in two weeks he will take kids away from me.
don't know what to do ,dont know where to start?
pls help!!!
By Mum22
If you are separated, you have a legal obligation to apply for Child Support from your ex otherwise you may not receive your Centrelink entitlements for the kids. Your options include going to the Child Support Agency and asking to talk with a counselor, try the same at Centrelink - tell them your ex threatened you. or you could cave into him. Do you have Court Orders for the kids for living arrangements? if not, them legallt he could with hold the kids, but then you would be entitled to apply to the courts for their return and he would not look good at that stage. Do you really think he would carry out his threat? Go tot eh Police and tell them - you may even be able to apply for a protection order against your ex as Financial abuse is supposedly recognised - it is also very very typical. I hope that he is merely mouthing off, and that he does not put your kids in harms way - I suspect he is hoping you will back off - but realistically it is not your call - Centrelink payments are dependent of Child Support also.