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By marce
Hi mums,

I need a laugh every time my ex has to call and speak to my son, so has anyone got a suggestion for a good ringtone for the ex? Perhaps you have a song you've assigned to your ex, what is it?
By Mum22
I used to get PTSD every time my phone indicated a message received, due to the nature of texts my ex sent! So, instead of that ominous "beep beep" I changed it to YODA (from star wars)saying "Hmm, Message form the dark side there is!". It was so comical, my nerves remained in tact!

Hope you find your 'funny noise' to assist.

Also, if your phone supports it, can you attach a specific tone just for his number? that way you'll know it is him, and can decide whether to read or not!
By marce
That's exactly why I want to assign a ringtone. I've been jumpy all day thinking it might be him, my nerves were shot and I thought maybe a ringtone would ease me. I assigned "Best Thing I Never Had" by Beyoncé because it makes me laugh every time I hear it so when he called tonight I couldn't stop laughing. He's so full of himself he thought I sounded chipper because he was calling lol
I actually feel a lot better now and you're right, assigning it to just him puts me in a position to decide if I want to look.
yes, yoda it is. I like this. I think a darth vada tone is even better if he didn't constantly call from private numbers from the strippers he is friends with to hassle me. I can't change my number, I have my own business and my children depend on it.
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By TammyTed
Hehe, this is fun.

Ok a couple of songs off the top of my head.

Pink: "So What" - love the opening :P

You're So Vain by Carly Simon - oldy but a goody.

You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette - totally reliving my punk rocker teenage years :lol:

Or just go darth vader theme song - love the yoda idea too! :D