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By Mama22
Ok, I'm a heavy user of this forum, and I'll take a break soon, but I live and breath single mothers rights, and I will die defending and protecting them.

I have friends, they come in many colours and creeds, and many come from single parent homes.

They want to fight our Courts and lawyers, the best way they know how-through music.

Do we have your support?

We will be fighting for single parents through every avenue we know; mtv: Sky news, abc, and any other network that cares about investigative integrity.

We're throwing gigs around Australia with some of the biggest Aussie acts, exposing what's going on. We've all been disenfranchised despite our gender, this is about taking out right back from lawyers that are abusing the powers they enjoy!

Come join us! VIC, NSW, ACT, SA, NT, WA- join the revolution:

Has had enough of legal corruption! Keep your greedy hands of our families!!!!