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From memory you have to sign a stat dec, stating you don't know the father. (Easiest way imo) I may sound wrong to some but it's a lot less messy if you do it that way. Centrelink will pay you the maximum rate as there's no father putting money towards the child. It's pretty straight forward. Good luck.
hello . . well done for being a very throughtful woman thinking of her child's best interests

in my particular case - I actually spoke to a community lawyer who advised me of my choices

she gave me boith side and then left me to make the choice and decision on my own

registry of Births deaths and marriages will demand and try and force you to put a name down but they have the exception of a stat dec

it is a lot easier to to leave the fathers name as UNKNOWN . . you simply have to fill in a Statutory declaration and in it you need to state WHY the " father is unknown " . . . the LESS information you give them the harder it is to process your claim and be accepted soou need to give them as much information as you can most common reasons are " I was drunk and had a one night stand and don't remember his name and have no contact details or what he looked like " . . . . . Date raped ( drink was spiked ) too embarressed to take the issue to Police . .. physically was raped and didn't go to Police and too embarressed and or didn't want to get an abortion . . . thigns like that . . as soon as you even remotely HINT you might known of and or have a name - they will press for more information

one thing she did tell me is that you CANNOT just put his name down - you must seek his CONSENT to put his name down first - otherwise to put down any name is equivalent to me saying Elvis Presely fathered my Child . . Tom Cruise did . . (think any celebrity ) imgine the shit going down ( their lawyers get involved to verfiy this and DNA tests etc . . because a name on the certificate lasts forever and stay on forever - giving that person PARENTAL rights and chasing them no matter where they are for ongoing child support

when the child has turned 18 you can choose to put the fathers name on the birth certificate then - child is effectively an adult and make their own choices in life by that stage or your child may choose to be adopted by your new partner and have his name on the certificate in Lieu of their real father . . .

in all honesty . . your best bet is to speak to the free community lawyer to get some rounded and well thought out advice and ultimately its your choice and decision in which way you want to go and I sincerely wish you all the best for which ever way you choose to go
and again I wish you good health and love and luck xoxo
I have spent 12 years in & out of Family Court & spent untold amounts of money while we all dance around to placate "high Conflict Toxic father".
I wish to God I had put father unknown & simply left town. Just my 2 cents worth.