For Single Mums juggling work, kids - everything!
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By Mama22

Just need a bit of inspiration right now. I'm looking for full-time work, and I have the sole care of both of my children.

Just wondering if anyone else is in this position and doing this, because I'm very nervous about it all. I am a bit afraid that I won't even get any work once they know I'm a sole parent, and then I'm afraid of how manageable this is? If I can hear other stories of women doing it, I will feel as though it is definitely something achievable.

Thank you.
By Mum22
I work full-time & have 2 kids. one is FT the other is mostly FT, but I pay for everything anyway & life is more stressful when he is away at the other parents.
IF you are fortunate enough to get FT work, you WILL manage your situation. It may be a bit tough at first, and the kids may grumble & be tired and the Child care fees ( if applicable) may want you to quit but you can do this.

Make sure that you weigh up the benefits & disadvantages - one time I was offered a job but it was not financially worth getting out of bed for!
These days, the balance is about right & that is life in general - trying to keep the balance right for your family.

I wish you well in your job search!
By abitjaded
Hi Mums.
So weighing in on this age old topic.
Is it worth returning to the workforce after separation/divorce and how?
How do you juggle child/children around working with school, after school activities etc..
Before and after school care the cost with JET?

Here goes my predicament.
Sole parent, final orders in place, no respite as we have not seen him in 3 years (a blessing and a curse-takes no responsibility)
My child is 6 yrs old in a months time, so I will become a jobseeker as I receive the pension or return to study.
I have no family to help me in regards to my child as its just us.
So my question is and would love to direct to the right person in government or whatever and to the general public who say 'get a job', is HOW?
How are you going to find a job within schools allow time to drop your child off at school and pick them up and allow travel time?
Then the fees for before and after school care, how does this all way up when all we want to do is try to stay on top and have some what of a normal life like before.
I only want to do is better our life and to be able to move on from the past but when you have all the responsibility of trying to run a household and provide for your child and look after them how are we able to do this when its the single mothers just lingering on or just above the poverty line.
Its a known fact that as a child grows so does the expenses to raise them, yet child support does not take this into consideration.
I have previously had no problems finding a job in my field of work but after separating and moving states I found it difficult to find work or was unsuccessful due to my status.
I have had a string of bad luck well actually how long is a piece of string - recently we moved due to my health to be closer to a relative in case of a emergency, rent a fortnight increased by $200, my car was written off after a fortnight of moving, I have no male friends or family to help purchase a car, my settlement money is dwindling before my eyes even though I got done over, I need to return work or studies to better our situation - what do I do? Total catch 22.
We live off pittance, the DBD says he 'knows' allllllllllll the benefits that a single mothers receive ??????
And on top this I will need to return to court to file for change of orders to reflect no contact as there has been no contact so my thinking at the moment is to return to part-time study to try and accommodate that crap....again.
At the moment I have a loan of a relatives car as I have not been able to find a car in my price bracket or have a car wise person to look over a car for me but will need to return the relatives car to them soon just so it can just sit in their front yard or garage as they are a gambling alcoholic and catch the booze bus to the club.
This person has wasted $85k in 3 years on booze and gambling and expects everyone else to pick up the pieces and put up with their embarrassing outrageous behavior they have serious medical issues due to the alcohol.
So not having a car then that taps TAFE on the head.
Stuck what do I do?
Only person i can whinge to or try to discuss it with is my psychologist who I have to pay and drive to see a hour away.
Strange reaction to this is laugh and I cry.