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Re: Inter-racial dating after divorce??

PostPosted:Tue May 10, 2016 3:11 am
by Katherine Cooper
Okay, I'm going to be quite honest and brutal... there are RED flags all over the place with this man, I would be as bold to say he is a serial emotional abusers. Trust me let him go with love, he is clearly emotionally constipated and honestly text book red flags. ... honestly, he clearly is not able to move past his own needs and these type of men are Marsters at this, they will sweep you off your feet and charm, they will even do it through your child too.... this is nothing you did or said this is about his own issues as he is seriously so emotionally constipated he will only get worse if you let him... seriously google emotionally unavailable men and you will have the biggest light bulb moment and relise that was wasn't you at all and him however due to him being emotionally unavailable... he is unable to take any responsibility for his part... and him not "forgivng you " for what "you" said is an easy way for him to place blame for his attention and behaviours onto someone, this will make him feel in powered. As you took focus and attention away from him he didn't like it and needed to find anything to place blame onto you so in his mind he is the victim.... he will serously not change this pattern, if you let him back in because he will "forgive " you if he is unable to find another vorible victim, he will charm the crap out of you... but trust me HE IS FULL OF SHIT AND IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN AND AGAIN. Please don't let him. Send him off with love and alittle pitty and move forward with yourself and beautiful toddler x ...