Falling in love again - Anything to do with relationships, meeting someone special, dating, comparing romance websites...you name it!
ive been single for some time now, i love being single, i dont have to answer to anyone, i have control of the kids ( well i think i do ) lol, the remote control is mine, i love my independence, the feeling of feeling secure within myself, im not scared that if i say or do something that isnt quite right that i wont get hurt or made to feel bad..
the word "relationship" scares me, my ex was abusive, i would have things thrown at me, fists come flying at me and land in the wall beside my head, he would drink all day every day, the more he drank the more he would get controlling, he isolated me from my friends and family and made me feel quite insecure within myself.. he was a very jealous man..
i was in a relationship for a couple of years after i left my ex husband, he was a lovely man, he listened to me, he doted over me, he wasnt judgemental, he accepted all my kids, he gave me time when i needed it, but after a while i saw the simmilarities between him and my ex husband, he was drinking every night, and the more he drank the more he changed, he wouldnt be abusive in physical sence but he was very insecure within himself, and he was convinced that i was doing things i wasnt, he started to do drugs towards the end and the night i left him was also another one of those horrible nights...

so i have been on my own for over 3yrs, as i said before i am happy and content, but i do wonder what it would be like to have a partner, i dont miss the sex, ( i have my own little bzz bzz for that) lol...but to have a partner to help support me emotionally, to be a loving person that my boys can look up to and admire, a partner that will take car of the car, and the gardens lol a partner who will love and accept me for me..

i did meet someone not long ago, but i put a stop to that, i didnt get that buzz ( not the bzz bzz ) lol, but i didnt get the OMG your the one feeling, we would txt etc but i didnt miss him, he would be so into me one week and then i wouldnt hear from him for a week, so i told him that it wasnt right for us... i havent heard from his since...

so when do you know its the right time to look for new love??? is it when you are craving male attention?
or do we just put ourselves out there and wait for it to come to us???

im over the dating sites, there are a lot of idiots on there, married men or one nighters... ick...
i do feel their is soemone out there for me, but how and when can i find him... and will i be able to handle another man after the last couple of disasters....
Hmm, is there ever a right time for love?
I have found, in my life, that men seem to come along when I least expect them to,and when I am least 'ready' for them. hence I have had a few disasters!
I am in a r/s now, 5 yrs almost, but even with this one, we do not live together, I cannot 'rely' on him in the ways I think I should be able to. I think, as I have matured/grown/aged, that 'men' simply do not live up to the expectations we are fed as youngsters (well, me anyways!).
My 'dream man' simply does not exist, and I will always have to 'settle' for something, someone, less than what I thought I was promised when a child, that 'Perfect match' man who was my world. Ho hum...
So what I am really saying, is live your life anyway, and if you happen to meet someone, who makes your heart pound, then you always have the choice to just go for it and see...
I've been wondering the same thing lovethyself...I'm worried that I just want someone because I get lonely? I've asked a lot of people and they like to put a time frame on it, others just say very annoyingly "you'll know when you're ready". Could they be any more vague? lol
I tend to thing along the same lines as Mum22 - the guy I want doesn't exist. Mind you I think we have pretty unrealistic expectations sometimes - well my ex certainly did!
I sometimes think romantic love was invented to manipulate women?
Yes perhaps when you're not looking for it, it'll find you?