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By Mama22
It's not easy going through the Courts and different experiences we all have a single mothers.

What gets me through is yoga and meditation. While I was going through this I hunted high and low for health retreats for single mothers that were child friendly - and there were none in Australia.

I am thinking of filling that gap and using my pain for good in the community. I would like to start a retreat that is completely child friendly and allows mothers to have access to yoga, meditation, debriefing with counsellors experienced in the Family Court and Court sanctioned abuse, detox and health, and spa treatments.

Please let me know if this is something you think you would be interested in and think may be helpful to single mothers.

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By Mama22
Thank you so much to whoever changed this post title- I was listening to Beyoncé and got carried away with major girl power inspiration!

I am going to make this happen. I have some very experienced psychologists in mind to run the workshops, I'm going to start looking for venues and registering my business name. I hope this will help women the way my sister and I needed it going through the Courts.

I have to work out how much we can involve the children and from what age, because family bonding is so important during that time.

I would welcome any comments on needs and ideas from women and those with experience from working with women and children through this time would be greatly appreciated. I wasn't to help women keep it together when it feels like everything and everyone is trying to rip them and their children apart.

My sister is also on board that went through a lot at the end of her 16 year marriage also. If my pain and experience can be used to help another women and her children, it all will be worth it.
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By Kite O'Brien
Well, that sounds likely to be too expensive for me & many, but I wish you luck providing this service to women who can afford it; it sounds lovely.

I know in Victoria there are charities who run retreats for single mums; I'm following up reports of a place riverside in Warburton, and a beachside house in Rye, since these are cheap or free and gurl do I need a getaway with my kids! I'll post in the forum somewhere when I get the concrete details (seriously, hook in with social workers if you're struggling; they're a wealth of help and information).
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By Mama22
Hi Kite,

That sounds amazing, I had no idea such places exist! I searched high and low for anything like it, as did other single mums I know while going through it all, but there was nowhere we could go with our children.

I was hoping it wouldn't be too expensive, that was the point - affordable time away for mothers and their children to recharge and get healthy while they're taking the emotional/financial beating by abusers in Court and post-separation. To get safe and healthy, because isn't it the worst when you're the real victim of abuse but the abuser so easily can manipulate the system to try to make themselves? There's nothing worst as a survivor of domestic violence and I hate that so many women are going through it just to appease men.

I hope I can do it one day, but it's a lot more than I can do alone. It's very needed in the community though.

Peace up