Post anything about single parent holidays, trips, destinations, package tours, travelling with kids or anything else to do with being a single parent and going on holiday!
Hi all,
My eldest daughter finishes high school next year. Instead of her doing a "schoolies week" thing we are hoping to do a pacific island cruise as a family - me, her and her little sister.

I was wondering if any one on here has done a pacific cruise with kids and if you have any advice - which company, how they catered for the kids, any tips etc.

My eldest will be 17 years old and my youngest will be 3 years old - so we are looking at a liner which runs a kids club that she can go to so I can spend some time with my eldest daughter before she leaves home to go to uni.

I'm hoping I'll have $3000 saved by then to cover the costs for the 3 of us so I'm looking at the cheaper companies, inside cheapest category cabin etc.
Never done it before myself but it sounds like it will be great fun. We tend to do day adventures or road trips. We're doing a 2 day adventure which includes a glass bottom boat cruise along the Great Barrier Reef, the skyrail to Kuranda and the train from Kuranda to Cairns. That's later in the year. We've done things like snorkelling and other trips which are just for the day like that. The kids club sounds ideal, those things are really fun for littlies, and it will be great to spend time one on one with your older daughter.
Susie Perry Yep I went with my 2.5 yr old with P&O. With the kids club, kids have to be out of nappies, if they aren't you have to stay with them, so that's maybe something you need to check. P&O are good value for money. You can eat all day if you want. They have movies for the kids in the kids club and activities to do. We went on the Pacific Islands cruise too. There are some good excursions to go on. And if the weather is nice and warm the beaches are great! There is plenty to do on the ship, great entertainment and some freebies too. For me personally I wouldn't do a cruise again, it's not something that I really really enjoyed. I think it's either a love it or hate it kind of thing. Another thing to remember is there is no tipping on board, but at the end of your trip your expected to leave a tip for your steward. Also everyday a new 'animal' would appear on the bed for my son. They make them from towels etc. So good! Things can be expensive on the ship. Drinks especially so just keep an eye on what you're spending. You are given a cruise card at the beginning which is also your door key. You put money on this at the beginning or link a credit card to it. Best way to wear these is with a lanyard around your neck. The staff and crew were fabulous! You had several different places of where you could eat as well. The buffet was great! Hope you have a great holiday and if you want any more info let me know!

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Hi again :)

He was actually only a month away from being 3 so they were happy for him to come and play as long as one of us stayed with him ;)

Nope we didn't have to book a place, we just turned up :D

As for sea sickness, neither of us were sick! We had a really rough night one night, which made it hard to sleep, but no sickness. The only thing I did suffer from once I got home was landsickness!! Felt like I was still on the ship for 2 weeks after. So just be aware of that LOL

Excursions you can book well in advance or wait until you're on the ship. We booked ours in advance but it doesn't really make any difference I don't think.

You can do washing and ironing on board too. There is a laundrette on board.

There are also themed nights. We had Hawaiian, Pirate, Country and Western, Formal night and Rock n Roll night. Great fun!

We went in May and the weather was great. Hot enough to swim! But not too hot.

I think it is something you should experience just once in your life, to see if you like it. My parents had never been on one before (we went with them) and they loved it. They are going on their 4th Cruise in 2 years next month LOL