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By Mum22
FFM, the PDST is completely understandable given your experiences. I agree, find a good counsellor, good friends and do what you can, in the time frame that you need. Be kind to yourself.
I believe that you will get through this process and find your inner peace because you are worth every ounce of effort it will take for it, and you want to be YOU once more, a different version of you, but you will own yourself and be yourself - I believe it.
Thanks everyone. I have spoken with 2 free psychologists, neither were very good. Have now found one that I've spoken to over the phone who sounds really good, now just have to work it into the budget. I've been unemployed since it happened so that sucks. The GP has done out a health care plan which gives a medicare rebate but there is still a significant out of pocket expense. Hopefully it will all be worth it. One of them said she was not able to talk to people during an open investigation because she's one of the Qld Government health workers and can't be called to court cases, the other was just strange. She kept on saying it wasn't my fault that it happened. Yep, I know it isn't my fault, it's not something I've taken on board as being my fault but she kept obsessing over that. This other one sounded really good on the phone though, and will hopefully be the right person. Just wish the police would hurry up and find him!