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It's been a few weeks since your last post. I hope the pyschologist you found is working out well. Is there any way you can claim the costs through a victim of crime fund?

Perhaps the pyschologist who kept focusing on it not being your fault is used to dealing with women who are raped by acquaintances - where that sort of guilt can be a big issue - I know it was for me when I was raped by a supposed friend. Obviously your situation is very different because you don't know the person so can't think back over situations and wonder if you should have handle things differently etc.

I'm not sure how he got into your house but I hope you have been able to improve the security to make you feel safer.
Years ago I was burgled and while the criminal had left before I got home it was a horrible feeling to know that someone I didn't know now knew how to break into my house and due to the framed photos I had around my house they would know it was a single woman and a young girl living there so I was worried they would come back.
I was renting at the time and demanded the landlord improve the security - the windows could be opened from the outside. The landlord refused but I was able to use this as a reason to break the lease and move elsewhere (I ended up buying a house where I could ensure I was safe).
I can't imagine how horrible and unsafe I would feel if something like what happened to you happened to me.

Big Hugs to you.
I sold the house and moved town, walked away from everything, my job, my daughter's school, sold the house for a loss so have nothing to show for it, just wanted to close the chapter on that book. It had what I would consider very good security. The windows were fully screened with double slider security screens, the doors were security screened, but only the front door was a triple lock while the back door was a single lock so he got it off using the pitchfork or pick or some other tool that was out the back, at least all the evidence shows it was one of those. He then smashed his way through the back door which had a glass panel, the front door is full timber. I rang 000 when he was coming in, and the entire thing was recorded. That poor woman who answered the phone had to hear it all and couldn't do anything about it.
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By Mama22

I'm so sorry you had to go through this, I hope things have been easier to cope with since the move.

Did they ever find him? I would love to know there was some justice for you, and he had to take some sexual responsibility for his crime.

Your story is inspiring, and I think you coped so much better than you realise by moving and making those changes to get out of an environment that was triggering memories and the PTSD. That takes a lot of courage.

I so hope you're doing well. Thank you for your post.