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By freshfoodmumma
A few weeks ago my house was broken into and I was sexually assaulted. The police had been called so they got there which is what made him stop, but he ran and wasn't caught yet.

Fast forward to now, I have had a pregnancy test which was negative, had bloods taken Thursday but have to have more, and next week need to have a cervical swab to check for infections.

This is where I panic :(

Any tips on how to get through this invasive test? Also stupidly enough, the thought of what to wear (jeans, dress) that will make it more comfortable?

I don't want questions about it, I told the forensic nurses, the police, solicitor, doctor and women's health nurse already :( I just need ways to cope.

By Mum22
I am sorry that you have had to go through this ordeal.
Your body was violated, but your mind is your own. Own it. Own your thoughts; BE strong and positive. YOU control what happens to you now, so feel your strength at this time, know that these things must be done, but that you are strong enough to endure them. Gyn tests are never pleasant, so have these tests with a sense of exercising YOUR power, your right to know, and you get to chose what to do about any results.
I admire your courage to post. You will cope through what happens next. My thoughts are with you.
By nerdymummy
Firstly I am sorry this happened to you, and I admire how well you are handling this!

I can scarcely imagine what you are going through, however I think if it were me, if I was comfortable I would perhaps bring my best friend along for moral support (i think she would be the only one I could confide in with something like this) but if I wasnt comfortable doing this, I would just keep trying to convince myself I was only going in for a routine pap smear.

I hope the process is as painless as possible for you.