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By Ellengrace
Hi there,

Looking for like minded women who are struggling with the day to day, who need emotional and sometimes physical support to get through the toughest job in the world - single motherhood.

I’m based in the Campbelltown area at the moment and have realised that whilst there are ample playgroups to choose from, there are little resources and knowledge out there for support groups targeting single mothers.

Let’s get something going??
By MOR30
I agree Id love to get something going I've just started going to a playgroup in my area and its hard not wanting to mention I'm a single mum
By Ellengrace
I completely understand, I recently went to a playgroup that I’d like to keep regular and its probably my own insecurity but I felt like I don’t fit the mould or a little out of step, though deep down I know so many other women have the same cry.
2 other woman have expressed an interest, what area are you based in?
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By abitjaded
Hi Mums,
I don't live the Macarthur area but I was I the Illawarra.
Im sure that Big Fat Smile operates up there too.
They were very supportive and provided a great day for the children and Mums and depending where it was held which ours was in a very well run community centre and hot lunch was provided for a small donation.
Over the school holidays they had heaps of activities for big kids to attend too.
There is a Barnabo's in the Illawarra as well and they also had playgroups and offered heaps of support.
This one might be a odd one to meet other mums but look at Mama Bake - its a bunch of mums that get together and cook up meals for their families once a week. Win win situation with this one.
Hope this helps.