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Hi Lovely ladies!

I’m Kindygirl and new to this forum. I’m separating from my husband and trying to get my ducks in a row. I have twin girls age 6 who are my whole world. I Just started working at a new job , I work four days a week 38 hrs a week. My gross income a fortnight is 1386.00. I have read information on Centrelink but am still unsure how much single parent pension, family tax benefit etc I am entitled to? I live on the northern beaches and I know it’s going to be very hard to find a flat to rent that I can afford; anyone have any advice? I would be very grateful for any advice 8-) :)
Hey everyone, so glad to find this forum. I am Jolyne 35yrs old mum of almost 3 yr old boy. Had been through a really tough long time from separation in pregnancy till now. I live in Sydney and have no friends (used to have a lot...but all gone after my disaster happened). I am raising my boy alone now no family around no friend. Looking for someone live close and like mind to hang out or chat. Hope to make some friends here simply too lonely.
Hi there!

I am a single Mum (25yr old) with one 20m old little boy. His father lives overseas and we have recently relocated to the SUNSHINE COAST since very late March.
We currently live in the hinterlands (I WANT TO MOVE) I have been trying to find my place but honestly, it’s HARD. There’s not a lot of work, I know basically no one here and I don’t know whether the Sunshine coast is even right for us.

Have been feeling extra down these past few weeks. Found this today and hoping it will be a positive help.

Anyway I would like leave my email in case anyone in the area would like to connect or knows of a single mothers group in the Noosa/Tawantin/Cooroy area/s ????

Kind regards,
Love and light
Josie (and Martin)
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