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Hi everyone,
I'm sure no one will read this but if you do, can you point me in the right direction? Where is the most busy fb page or forum for single mums in Sydney? I am newly single and want to invite another single mum of one to share my lovely Queen's park unit. We can share child care and support each other. I will be a stay at home Mum from August with my expected first - a little boy
I can train you I'm a PT nutrition Coach
I'm an older Mum lots of fun, been through hell but absolutely excited to be a Mama
Sure - we have our own, and they just so happen to be the biggest in Australia too!
You have the 30,000 Single Mother Forum Facebook page here: and for discussion groups, our Single Parent Group is here:
My name is Chris & I'm a mum of 5. I recently separated from my husband of 13 years.
I'm looking for a safe place to talk about stuff, & not over burden my family & friends. Also as this is so new for me I'm kind of not sure what is "normal" to feel etc...
Hi Everyone,

My name is Sophie & I am a step-mother. I married my husband only about a month ago, but have been with him for 4 years. He has 3 beautiful children aged 9, 10 & 11.

I have just started my own blog -
It's just about all our great times together as well as the cr*p I deal with on a day-to-day basis.

I looked forward to connecting with people who share the same experiences & issues I do :)
I’m Jasmine, 30 years old in Adelaide.
So I recently had a baby, my only child, who is 3 months old.. It's still so surreal i have a little boy, I'm still comprehending in my head the past year or so and how it came to be that i am a mother, it wasnt even nearly a thought in my brain to have a baby.
I was living in a relationship that changed me, he was so verbally horrible to me and isolated me from everyone, made up stories about my family so i disconnected from them, kicked me out of the house weekly so I'd have to sleep outside til he said i could go inside just if i questioned him on anything, made up lies about me sleeping with his mates, would squirt me with the hose to humiliate me.. The list goes on. Anyway i became so fearful of leaving the house, got anxiety, questioned everything every minute.
I went to the dr after putting it off for months, mum was persistent and took me to the dr because i was so sick for months every day.. I was so bloated n uncomfortable.. Turns out i was 28 weeks pregnant.. Oh my gosh, i didn't want it to be true.. But it was.
I told him and the very last time i was in the place i lived with him, he stood over me calling me disgusting and fowl names, he threw my stuff outside smirking at me while im crying, it was pouring rain, i was 28 weeks pregnant and he made me jump his fence to get out the front yard, chased me around 4 blocks in the storm, laughing at me and denying hes the father.. I got to a pay phone at midnight and my mum came and I never went back.. Only the last month have i really been able to not get upset, but I just think how horrible my life was and how cruel people are, my little boy will never be exposed to that environment and thank god for my mother, we live with her currently and slowly im building my life up again..
Its a bit of a snippet of the past 2 years til where i am now.. Dont want it to seem a sob story but more about how life changes..
I thought I'd start here as i have no friends or support network, except my mum and sister, and yeah if theres much out there for a very new single mum with non judgmental people ot ideas of where to go for help in things, it would be great to get that information.

Thanks for reading this if you decided to take a read.
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