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By Anade
Im Cristy and Im a single mum to 1 Girl who is 5. We live in Sydney :) Oh and Im 29
By linda
Welcome cristy, melissa and Jayne, from another newbie! But then we're all newbies, as this is a new forum! I love it though, just single mums, ABOUT TIME!

Melissa, you've been through a tough time. Isn't it amazing that the Family Court just don't seem to listen until it's too late - unreal

I know all about the "victim" type of father too, LOL!!
By tattoomummy
Im Renee 27 from Melbourne, Mummy to 9 week old DS born 11/02/09.
Im a Single (obviously) SAHM & love my gorgeous lil man more than anything EVER :D
By Amara
Hi I'm 42 & have been single since January this year. My son is 10 months old this week. I live in the Outer South East of Melbourne. I work full time but will be part time from July. My ex is a sociopath & his constant lying is driving me absolutely insane.
By Sacira
Hi I'm a single 23yr old and am not a yummy mummy until the 3rd of december 09. I'm living in Airlie Beach QLD and I don't know a single person.
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