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By Tracy
Hi My name is Tracy. I am from the Darling Downs in South East Queensland. I have 3 beautiful children, two girls, 24 and 18 and 1 little boy aged 4. I also have a beautiful grandson who is also 4 and am expecting a little grand daughter in July..*S*..I think this site is a wonderful idea. Now we just need to get a family law court specialist to help out with some of our questions and maybe someone from child support too..*S* :D
Hi im Tess i am a SAHM to 2 boys, 2.5yrs and almost 4 months. I separated on Easter Monday so i am new to all of this. Im 24 and live in outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne
By meslbolj
Hi everyone
I would like to tell you all my name, but I dont want any information here getting into the wrong persons hands.
I am 26 years old and am a loving mother to a 2.5 year old boy.

We currently reside in the close Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

I have been in an on and off abusive ralationship with the father of my child since I was 9weeks pregnant. Then is was physical but now his learnt that emotional and financial abuse are far more effective and less obvious to the professionals. He has tried to commit suicide at least twice and threatened to come over and kick my head in through my mother, my bestfriend and my exboyfriend, unfortionatly, the intervention order that I have had out on him since June 2006 does not state that he cannot abuse or threaten me through a third party and they only way I could protect myself would be get seperate but connected intervention orders to those used to get to me, in the end that would be pretty much EVERYONE I know. Oh and also, he took an "Intrum" order out on me Dec last year, claming he wanted MY emotional abuse to end.

LONG story VERY short :)

Look foward to getting to know you all xx
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By Forum Administrator
A big welcome to Lauren, Trudy, Tracy, Tess and Meslbolj!

Tracy - yes, I wish we had those resources, but not yet! LOL Who knows what may come in the future, we are growing all the time ;) Congratulations on the coming grandaughter!!

Tess - I hope you are going okay with your new separation, and things aren't too difficult for you. Hopefully we can be a support for you in some small way, at least :)

Meslbolj - It is totally okay not to mention ANY personal information of course. It sounds like you have really been through very tough times. I can only wish you all the strength in the world to get through it to take care of yourself and your little boy.
If you would like to, do post your whole story (changed so that it can't do you any harm, of course) as a new topic in the forum of your choice so that more fellow single mums may see it and give you their advice and/or messages of support. Don't worry, like anything else in life, even the bad stuff passes. All the best with everything.
By stephsmum
Hi All!

My name is Miranda and I am 26 and single mum to Paige who is 2 1/2. She is the product of a brief fling, her father had no interest in being in her life, has never met her, I get no child support and do it all alone. I work part time in an office while Paige goes to daycare. I am lucky enough to have a very supportive mum who helps out when she can, as she lives 3 hours away its not very often but I am grateful for what I can get! We live in Perth WA.
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