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Hi I'm Brenda
Second time round Single mum
2 boys 7 and 2
I live in Perth, WA
recently diagnosed with long time coming depression

My now ex bf and i broke up 7 weeks ago by the feact that his style of disciplining our boys was OTT
I wont go into too many details and told him he overreacted, we yelled about it for what felt like hours
after 1 week of not talking we broke up
calling it mutual...
I'm struggling with anxiety and depression and am starting to feel really lonely

I am looking to connect with real people that can have a good laugh over wine or coffee :)
McWeadley wrote:Hello, im not to sure what to write here, so here it goes.
I'm a single mum from Perth WA, I have an almost 3 year old, in my son's short life we have already been through the court system with his father And in that process had his name changed. We are currently living with my parents, they are building a new home, and me and my son plan to go with them, but I feel it is time I go solo and live alone, my mum doesn't work and do I never have alone time with my boy and I don't feel like a parent as she try's to do all the parenting.

Hi, can you provide guidance on how your changed your son's name, as my boy is 16months old. Thanks
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