Are you a new forum member? Welcome! This forum is for you to introduce yourself (anonymously) - if you would like to!
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By Forum Administrator
Welcome! Say hello!

This forum is for new forum users to introduce themselves (if you like!)
You can write as little as a simple hello, or a lot! Perhaps what brought you here, what area of Australia you live in, what you like to do or what you are looking for, etc
(Please remember not to post any real names, etc., or any other obviously identifying factors as per the main forum rules here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=15&start=0 ).
Welcome to the, and enjoy the forums! :D
By gurty
hi my name is caryn and i have 2 children 14 and 10
By linda
Hi gurty! and all!

i'm "Linda", i'm 28 years old. I have two ankle biters, one girl who is 10 and a boy who is 3 (different Fathers). i live in west Sydney.
i also have a dog and 3 cats who are my other children!
By SianaJas
Hi everyone! :D .. My name is Jayne. I'm a 30 year old single mum to 2 beautiful girls aged 7 and 8 months.. I live in Adelaide. I am excited to be a member of this site! Take Care x o x o
By melandkids
Im Melissa, single mum to four (2 diff fathers).

Father number 1 is an abusive man who not only used his hands on me but also my daughter, after telling the courts he would one day assault one of my children, courts did not lisen, and in Novembe 2004, he did this. Was charged for it and received a six month good behaviour bond.

Father number 2 is not abusive in anyway, but plays the 'I am the victim in all of this' but he agreed to the orders obtained by him in thru Legal Aid office here.

Oh btw Im 35 and living in Central Queensland.
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