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Hello, im not to sure what to write here, so here it goes.
I'm a single mum from Perth WA, I have an almost 3 year old, in my son's short life we have already been through the court system with his father And in that process had his name changed. We are currently living with my parents, they are building a new home, and me and my son plan to go with them, but I feel it is time I go solo and live alone, my mum doesn't work and do I never have alone time with my boy and I don't feel like a parent as she try's to do all the parenting.
Hi, I'm Pockets from Melbourne. I have a seven year old daughter. I've always suffered from anxiety but when my daughter was born it became unbearable and virtually untreatable. We were in and out of mother/baby units (more in than out) and her father, my ex husband, soon gave up on me. When my daughter became mobile, they stopped admitting us together to mother baby units and put me in hospital without her. By this time the anxiety was so unbearable and I felt so useless, meaningless and alone that I tried to take my own life. Thankfully, I didn't succeed. I was in hospital recovering from the physical injuries for 5 months. My ex left me two days after I was discharged from hospital. I told him to go but that he must leave our daughter, she was 2. I was physically unable to dress myself or even make a cup of tea, but thank god for my parents, they gave us a home, love and support. That was 4 years ago.
During the first few years he was happy to see her once a week and every second weekend. Now he has a new family, he wants her 50% of the time. I didn't fight it as my ex has a very vicious, tenacious personality, plus a bottomless trust fund. I didn't want my daughter to be brought into it and she told me she wanted to spend some more time with him. Now she goes to him for 6 days a fortnight and I feel like I'm being ripped apart every time she leaves. I miss her so so much and feel completely useless and worthless as a person or a mother when she's not here. It physically aches. I've tried new relationships, going back to school, connecting with old friends but none of it fills the void that I am missing out on half my little girls life. Thanks for listening.
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