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By Mama22
I just want to tell you all how amazing you all are!

I love this forum!!!

Out there it is really tough being a single mother and all of the negative stigma we have to take, it's just so beautiful to come on here and see the level of support women are giving to other women and their children with no judgment.

All of you are the moral fabric of society, working behind the scenes to support and help each other through hard times.

Thank you all so much, each person that has reached out to help someone else in whatever way you can. You make me want to do more too to help other women.

You're all amazing! Thank God for this forum, it is helping so many women and children with nowhere else to turn. Much love and blessings to all that created and run this beautiful forum! Xoxoxoxo
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By Forum Administrator
Much appreciated Mama22 - this is exactly what it was set up for - always lovely to hear it's serving its purpose :)