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Hi :)
I'm truly sorry that you've lost your daughter, that must be hell.
I've read your post many times and I'm confused by some conflicting information that does make me wonder though if your daughter is in a safer place for the time being. You said that your partner is in jail mainly because of a VRO you took out on him.
This means that you're admitting you're still in a relationship with a man who is violent towards you and abusive to your daughter. Yes, witnessing violence is child abuse. Also, people don't go to jail just for having a VRO. People get them regularly. What did he actually do to get put there?
The people in charge here are DCP. Play by their rules. They want urine analysis for a reason. Give it to them, clean every time. Do exactly what they want, leave when they ask you. They're not going to have a meeting with a hysterical woman. Be calm and determined. Create a clean record with them so that when they go to court against you, you have a history of compliance. And respect yourself and your child better than to be in a relationship with someone who causes this much disharmony to your life.
I come to you as a grown woman who WAS a child taken into foster care due to DV. Growing up in a DV household is another kind of terrorism- home-bred terrorism. I first learned to pray when I was 9; when I thought I was listening to my mother getting murdered in the kitchen. When I got removed and placed, I missed my mother terribly don't get me wrong. But it gave me a safe place to recover and discover what being a normal child was like. Well, as normal as it could get. At 35, I still occasionally get night terrors where I'm taken back to my early childhood.
Be happy your daughter is safe and is recovering somewhere. And work on making that place with you again. This is a clear cause-and-effect situation.
DCP aren't the cause of this problem, they're the effect.
Work on the cause so you have the effect.

Good luck.
I've just come across your post and I'm pretty sure I know of the bully you speak of. Your story mirrors mine except I have 3 kids and I was told yesterday to voluntarily hand them over. I will see a lawyer today but they can get their warrant because there is no way I will ever abandon my kids.
I'd say the case worker has done this to many unsuspecting mums coming out of a dv relationship. It's a game to her!
Please tell me that you have your baby girl back with you?
A class action and a today tonight investigation is in order!
Hi there

I know exactly what your going through when it comes to dcp. My story is one that's been going on for 7.5yrs and one that I feel afraid of sharing where all can see. I knew there were other parents who were wrongly separated and being unfairly treated and have seen a few stories of mums or families pleaing for help to fight dcp which i wish i put my hand up to help from my experiences but every time I stood up to my own dcp office (Midland) or tried to get legal help dcp would suspend contact or find a way to take a child, I felt like I was punished for trying to fight but I have now got nothing left to lose. So if you need any help trying to put an end to how the department operate then I will do what I can to help. Sorry if my post is confusing or I guess pointless, I have a million and one things on my mind and keep changing what I've written in case its too long lol but if you would like to hear (or read a novel haha) on a mum who's been wronged by people who claim to protect children then feel free to get in contact.