Are you an international mum here in Australia? Perhaps you are unable to relocate back to your own home country due to child custody arrangements?
Or are you an Australian mum overseas? Perhaps you are stranded overseas in your ex's home country due to an international child custody law?
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By femsapiens
I am stuck here ( 4 years now) also because I wanted my child to have a bond with her father. He agreed to share 50% parenting so here we are. No court or any third part involved ( yet) x
By ynez88
not yet divorced but working on it. I've been here for nearly 6 years to be with my husband then gave birth to a beautiful son whose now 2 yrs old. We're still on the process of getting a divorce and property settlement but husband already forbid me from going back overseas even threatened me that he already put a barred at the airport in case i fly with bub.

i know how you feel, i have no family here AT ALL, too little friends and my husband doesnt have any family although they are just nearby his not in good terms with half of his family members.

I have been very lonely and wished that i can just go home cause that way itll be easier to get back on my feet. its very tough especially that i have been a housewife then a full time mother for the last 6 years and by saying that, i dont have many friends a in literally cause i rarely go out been to busy cleaning and looking after the family. :-(
By melbmummy123
I left my partner earlier this year. He was abusive during the whole relationship, but convinced me to get pregnant to please him (Stupid, I know). I tried to return home once I realized I had made a mistake by getting pregnant with him, but he begged me to stay in OZ. He promised me that if things didn't work out between us, I could relocate back home with our baby. I tried to get this in writing, but he refused, and the by then, the abuse, an untreated medical condition he was refusing to allow me to take medication for, the pregnancy itself, it all was so draining. I got stuck here.

When I actually tried to leave the relationship, after the baby was born and the violence escalated, the police got involved, we're living at women's shelters, Intervention Orders, Child Protection, mediation failed, he's still trying to get back together with me, finally into court, Interim Hearing, expensive lawyers, Final Hearing pushed ahead because I am basically broke and don't have residency so no job or CentreLink... No family or friends as a result of never being able to leave the house without my ex-partner, and I have a little baby now.

It's a nightmare.
By Lizola

I'm an English woman, 'stuck' here partly by circumstances and finance... living in the Hawkesbury area West of Sydney, and loving the environment but struggling with isolation/lack of support....

It is kind of wierd being a single parent in a foreign country, in spite of the fact that I'm an Australian Citizen...

Anyone else want to connect, I'd love to hear from you.


By peepsqueek
In the middle of getting a divorce here as well. All family overseas and the only friends I have atm are those I meet through work or online. Would be awesome to connect with some other single mum's out there who know what it's like to be 'stuck'. South Sydney is where I'm at.