Are you an international mum here in Australia? Perhaps you are unable to relocate back to your own home country due to child custody arrangements?
Or are you an Australian mum overseas? Perhaps you are stranded overseas in your ex's home country due to an international child custody law?
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By djnbailsmum
I have had a tragic 2 years with horrific legal aid lawyers recommended, no less, in the court system here and came out of it more broke, lost my significant relationship with a fellow american located overseas, a big law bill and my children are not even allowed to VISIT our family in america. NOT EVEN VISIT AT ALL. I need to find other women as a support system who are locked in poverty in this rediculous system unable to provide properly for their children because the deadbeat dad had advantage in court and gave up nothing while they had to give up EVERYTHING and it is NOT in the best interest of the children in the least. I can hardly find reasons to get up everyday. NO support here. No nothing. I just want to talk to other women about how to cope and try to get energy to go back at relocating. I feel so disenfranchised and do not now want anything to do with australia if this is how the women and children are treated. I WANT OUT NOW.