Child support change of assessment experiences and issues
By integrity
I have recently applied to the Family Court for a Stay Order of my CSA based upon my bleak financial situation. I have asked for an administrative reassessment once my ex's financial finances are looked into thoroughly.
He has a history of lying very well. The hearing is coming up in a few weeks. I'm not feeling very confident as the CSA seem to be more focused on getting money out of parents rather than a persons' assets or personal financial hardship. I do believe this is fair enough. However like many others I'm sure the money does not filter down to the children with needs.
My ex charges my son rent and has manipulated him into paying his own bills. My son works a casual job on weekends yet most of the money goes straight to dad or to pay his own school bills. I send a box of food fortnightly to prevent him from going hungry.
I'm wondering if anyone here would like to share their knowledge/experience with Stay Orders?
I cannot afford a Lawyer for Legal advice.
Many thanks in advance :D