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By MsMuffet
I don't know where to turn so I thought I'd start here.
I have a 7 yo boy who lives full time with me. His father has only requested contact with him a less than
10 times since March last year.

On Tuesday the father our son to a hair salon, against his will, and according to my son "forced" him to have all his hair cut off.
My son had been growing a beautiful long ponytail for about 2 years. He was very proud of how handsome and "cool" he looked with his long hair swept back and tied in a ponytail. It was always clean and healthy, no head lice ever. Brushing his hair and tying it back before going to school was part of daily special mum and son time, where I would tell him every morning how handsome he looked.
My son told his father and the barber that he did not want his hair cut off. He said this several times.
My son alleges that he tried to get out of the barbers chair but the barber pushed him back down into the chair. And his father insisted the barber cut his hair off. It is now very short.
My son is devastated, and has been quite distressed since. My son's anxiety related vocal tic has returned since this incident. My son has told everyone we meet that his father forced him to have his hair cut off. It is gut-wrenching to hear this!
This must be a violation of his basic human right to choose what happens to his body?
I want to have the father and barber brought to account for their actions.
I have left a message with Child Protection. However I don't hold much hope that they will do anything. There is a long history of problems re my son's welfare whilst in his father's care. And Child Protection haven't been much help in the past.
Is there some way I can have this incident publicised? Or a way I can receive legal help to seek some recourse for my son.
We are both devastated!