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By Kat&Kat
Ok so here a short version of the story I took my ex husband to court 15 years ago for domestic violence and he married me overseas , had 2 children with me and we went to Australia to live ( we hardly had anything to eat while he eat a whole chicken in front of us and said if I don't listen I will end up buried in the forest ..) . Even though we had sold our apartment overseas my husband decided that I and children should go back , that Australia is just for him we fled to a womens shelter and never looked back ( he never asked for contact). My 16 year old daughter went looking for her father she made contact two years ago and he took her to court for an intervention order saying he wants no contact. A month ago they bumped into each other at the shopping centre ( he lives close by) and he gave he a kiss , told he loves her , if she likes Australia said It was my fault because I took him to court over DV and she gave him her phone number and he promised he will call her to arrange contact ( he never has) . We also left him a photo, card and home phone number in his pervious letter box. He woundnt give her his number he mentioned he is busy and a message bank comes on.
My daughter knows he has other children he supports , has signed over his multiple houses to ( my daughter was excuded from his will at birth) and has contact with them unlike with mine where he avoided child support for years. Nevertheless, she is still waiting for his phone call and it looks like it really "hit" her and cries about it all the time. I don't know what to do, please any advice.