Want to change the Child Support system? Here's the place to post!
It's true they don't want to change it, but they will have to if there is enough pressure from us. I have been speaking to Julie Collins the Minister for the Status of Women and she is supportive of change having lived the failure of the CSsystem. She has just been given a position in cabinet so will now have more influence. My local labor senator has also just written to Jenny Macklin citing my arguments for a review and the research I gave her - look up a paper by Drs Kay Cook and Kristin Natalier: 'The gendered framing of Australia's child support reforms'. If we all keep asking for the review and giving them our own examples of why it is not working and the review is so essential, it will happen! Mummymermaid, you need to send your story of the $8000 taken by the tax office to your local member and senator and cc to Julie Collins and ask them all to urge Jenny Macklin to initiate the review. We have to keep demonstrating with real life impacts how inadequate the system is for our children.
The problem with deadbeat dads owing thousands in child support could be cleared up almost overnight just by raiding their superannuation and save a small fortune in the government's costs of chasing the mongrels to pay. All that's needed is the political will to do it.

It also would help in cases where the father is violent because the miscreant doesn't see any change to their day to day life and so is less likely to ramp up their violence to the mother and children. They'll just have to add years to their working life. You know, like women who raise children during their working life already have to.
lizzy wrote:I agree that we need to keep up the pressure with the Family Law Amendments. Does anyone know when the laws will come into play? And has the wording of the definition of violence been set in stone.

And I also agree that its time to put pressure on the Gov to review the inadequacy of the CSA. The system as it stands is overly complex and I'm not sure how succesfull an overall overhaul would be, but I think we need to at least demand that there are real consequences for non payers - for example so it affects their credit rating, after all, my credit rating is shot to pieces after not being able to keep up with a couple of bills, but the ex who owes $46,000 can just keep racking the debt up and nothing happens to him.

Instead of a collection agency the CSA needs to have the same powers as the tax office, which means removing the prohibitive privacy laws that the child support avoiders manage to so easily manipulate in order not to pay.

I'm going to start working on a letter, and I intend to make an appt with my federal "member" and take it to them for a discussion. I will also send it to the other appropriate FMP's. It's gotta be done!

Hi, Can you let me know if you had any success further to this?
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