Want to change the Child Support system? Here's the place to post!
Child support is for the children, but what I don't get is that there is such a huge difference between children who are supported by the other parent and children who are not. Why should one child miss out because of an uninvolved parent while another child has needs met by the other parent?
Wow! Pepper. Well done.
Yes, mummerymaid- I dont get how they have all this time. My ex did not turn up to court (for property settlement) we then got an order and he didn't sign off on the documents to process the order - then I had to go for an enforcement order costing another $4500 and he did not even get a slap on the wrist.
But I digress- I am interested in joining the parliamentary enquiry into CS. My ex pretends not to work. CSA does nothing- oh they call him and he does not answer the phone so they say we cant do anything.
THEN THEY SAID WE EXPECT PEOPLE TO BE HONEST. Talk about reaching through the phone- they would not be employed if these deadbeats were honest.

I am keen to join the group and lobby MP's and government. Wilkie is not a happy chappy with Gillard so its a good time to get him on side.
How do I join the group?
I have even toyed with the idea of running for a seat if there is enough support for it.

PM me and lets get this going........
i agree, no one is defending our children whatsoever besides us.I call child support and they tell me sorry we can't do any fishing.I do my own investigations into my ex and on friday have just found his other secret undeclared business.I have caught him out a few times avoiding child support and every time the assessment period is over it comes down again and i have brought it up every time but the only thing is i don't get it as he has gone on centrelink.
My ex has changed his ran his business at a loss,but as previous tax returns showed he made a profit they estimate his earning capacity, then he quits his job where they took out the child support then he moved his sideline business to the factory next door, changed the business name, changed the business number and parked his cat a few streets away.i rang up the factory neighbour pretending to be a customer of his and they told me he had moved his business next door at 3am in the morning.He then put an advert with a photo of him in his business and bragging about what companies he does work for.I bought this to the social security tribunal and i let him know about it on the 3 way conference call and he started to um and ah and i told the lady that he won't be turning up tomorrow for his conference and he didn't. NOW he has actually closed this business and started another one as i googled the company name and it comes up as IT and has his home address and name under the add.I will keep this info for when i take him to get my child support debt enforced in court after he tells the judge that he does not have a job.There is an election coming up and we will have to see who is going to help us mothers so they will get our vote.
Hi, I'm new to the forum and came across this post.
I noticed that the original post is quite old and was wondering if Andrew Wilke is still wanting to review the CSA's policies and procedures.

I've been seriously thinking about writing letters to every Minister and Senator with my concerns about problems associated with the CSA, with a focus on how non-paying parents, in particular self-employed, use loop-holes to avoid paying. I will provide eg from case-studies. I also want to highlight how the current penalties have no impact on these individuals and explain why they have no impact. Also, considering this is an election year, and politicians will be looking at budget cuts, I want to highlight how CSA's current practice is contributing to an increase in FTB spending.
Yes, the post is quite old. I don't know where to go with this. CSA is a disgrace- I have not been able to get anywhere.
The whole system could quite well do with reform the likes of NDIS type....
I have previously said I would stand on these issues but no one has taken this up here.
Good luck with your letter writing.
I am still planning on running for election but with no impetus here.....
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